Using this web site

Before you start, please note that some diagrams are quite large. You should ensure you know how to maximise your viewing area and how to move the bar between frames.

There are at least four ways to use this web.

  1. Students will find the models help to develop a deeper understanding of the links between elements, lithologies and structures. Those with little geological training will find background information in Part 2.
  2. Students and practitioners will find the role of total geological history explained in Part 2.
  3. Practitioners attempting to build a site specific model can use Part 1 to produce a list of lithologies and structures which should be explored in the detailed part of the site investigation.
  4. Experienced site investigators who are prepared to review this work at this point in the development development process are asked to send comments, suggestions and corrections to Contibutions which assist in developing this site will be acknowledged.

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