Using the models

The approach is this:

Check list questions are not new in engineering geology but to date have generally been developed for selected terrain types, e.g. extrusive volcanic, valley glacier (e.g. Fell, et al., 1992; de Freitas, 1993). The approach described in this paper is based on the concept that global end members representing the entire spectrum of possibilities can be identified and presented. An initial check list for each Geological and Geomorphological model is embodied in both the annotation on the figure and in the text under the figure with the heading 'anticipate'. The more detailed site specific check list and site specific model then needs to be made, once the clear outlines of the geology at the location are identified beyond the desk study stage.

The essence of the approach involves understanding the geology and geomorphology to be able to evaluate the anticipated conditions. To do this and to understand the models there must be some appreciation of the history of the world. Thus a brief account of this is provided in Part 2.